8 reasons why this Masterplan is good news for Eden

In our Masterplan, we’ve set out a vision showing how Penrith can grow into an even better place to live, work and visit. Developing a long-term plan for our local area will address some of the town’s long standing issues as well as taking control of the future of Penrith and Eden.

But what are the benefits?

  1. More homes for more people

The     Beacon villages will provide another 5,560 homes for the wider Penrith area over the next 30 years. This won’t be done by creating sprawling estates with identical homes but by developing settlements that reflect and complement the style, character and the quality of other Eden villages.

  1. A commitment to protect the Beacon

This Masterplan is the best way to safeguard the future of the Beacon. Penrith people are rightly protective of this wonderful area but without a viable plan for its future we cannot be certain that it will be safe from unwanted development. We aim to limit proposals to a low-density, mixed-use development within the commercial forestry area to the rear of the Beacon, which will enable the more attractive areas to be opened up for more people to enjoy walking and cycling. This is considered an appropriate and viable solution for one of Penrith’s greatest assets.

  1. A range of housing to suit all needs

The villages will provide affordable and lower cost housing for local people as well as a mix of other houses to suit all needs. So as well as new family homes there will be smaller properties (including bungalows and extra care housing) to help those looking to stay in the area when they retire, for example.

  1. Extra jobs and encouraging new business

Around 7,000 new jobs could be created in the Penrith area through this Masterplan. We know that we already have businesses struggling to find premises and demand is likely to increase with the planned dualling of the A66 making Penrith even more accessible. Importantly, by providing the employment land and increased population, we will be supporting the growth of our existing Eden businesses.

  1. Increasing the working age population

The new homes and jobs in this plan will lead to an increase in the working age population. This in itself will be a major boost to our economy and wellbeing. It will not only help employers but ensure there are more people to support a wider variety of cultural, community and leisure facilities and make it easier to keep and develop health services in our area.

  1. Advocating eco-living

The Penrith Strategic Masterplan will lead the way in showing how we can plan for growth in a manner that protects the environment and supports the latest in eco-living with lower energy bills for local people. Cycle routes, pleasant walkways and cleaner air will encourage people to leave their cars at home.

  1. Planning for our future

If we don’t have a robust plan for the future, there is a danger that we will see Penrith change in ways we would find harder to control without a long term vision.

  1. Supporting our local high street

A planned increase in our population is also vital to sustain local businesses and support those independent shops in our high street that make Penrith such a well-regarded town centre for locals and visitors. Having more people in better paid jobs can only help our high street. Indeed, the increase of working age people will also support and reinvigorate the cultural and leisure offer in and around the town.

Want to have your say about our vision? Fill in our survey or head to one of our consultation events coming to a town or village near you.