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Building the affordable homes we need

Without genuinely affordable homes, how can we persuade people to move into the area? And how can we expect more young people to stay here if house prices are so high?

Affordable Homes

House prices in Eden are amongst the highest in Cumbria, making it difficult for local people – particularly young people – to buy their own homes. Local estate agents have seen a big fall in the number of first time buyers. A combination of high house prices in relation to incomes and a shortage of high value jobs, means that many people inevitably seek employment and housing elsewhere. Many businesses report that staff cannot afford to live in Penrith and will often leave to take up jobs in Carlisle where there is more affordable housing.

Beacon Villages will allow us to address this long standing issue. We’ll aim to ensure that a minimum of 30 per cent of the new homes are affordable housing. In addition to low cost home ownership schemes such as discounted sale and shared ownership, we want to see more affordable housing to rent including bungalows for older people and those with disabilities. We will work with developers to ensure that the right sort of housing is delivered in the Beacon Villages, resulting in healthy, inclusive communities.

Niru Hussain

Penrith is a fantastic place, but we need more affordable housing. Housing is very expensive in Penrith

Niru Hussain

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