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Invigorating Penrith’s town centre

Our plan is for Penrith to grow into an even better place to live, work and visit. Without a plan for the future we could see the town change in ways that are out of our control, and not necessarily for the better.

Boosting The Town

We’re proud that Penrith has withstood the most recent financial crisis and downturn in retail by having a greater proportion of independent, quality retailers. The spending level in those shoppers who visit Penrith is also above average for towns of a similar size. A planned increase in population is considered as one of the best ways to sustain local businesses and support our high street.

As part of the Masterplan, we will provide ongoing support to Penrith town centre. It also gives us the opportunity to consider making improvements to the town centre, such as the pedestrian and cyclist experience, on-street parking areas and a bus station upgrade.

An increase in working age people in Penrith will help reinvigorate the cultural and leisure offerings in the area. Increasing our diverse calendar of events and helping to bolster our buoyant tourism sector, will lead to higher spending in the local economy.

Tracy Beathan

We need a better variety of shops and places like a 50’s style coffee bar to make Penrith a more vibrant place for young people.

Tracey Beathan

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