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Better jobs, higher wages and enhancing skills

High employment figures in Penrith and Eden mask some of the lowest wage levels in the UK, with many people juggling multiple jobs just to be able to afford to live here.

Higher Paid Jobs

Beacon Villages assigns more employment land to help generate a potential 7,000 better paid jobs in Penrith. As well as encouraging new businesses to locate to the area providing higher wage employment, we want to give existing businesses the opportunity to grow and expand within the 73 hectares of new employment land.

Penrith already has a number of industrial estates which are now nearing capacity and causing difficulties for businesses. We see the new employment land within Beacon Villages as a space where research and development businesses could have offices or the logistics sector could develop industrial units and facilities.

Part of the reason why Penrith and Eden has an ageing population is that many young people receive an excellent education at local schools, leave to go to university but then don’t return due to the limited employment opportunities and high house prices. Fostering links between businesses and schools, the local college, the University of Cumbria and other training providers will enable more people to train in new technology and digital skills, which will lead to higher paid jobs.

Sam Morley

I’m studying biotech at Bangor, but can’t imagine finding a job round Penrith in that industry. You’d think there would be more in an agricultural area.

Sam Morley

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Higher Paid Jobs