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Quality homes for all

Our plan envisages an extra 5,560 homes for the Penrith area by 2050, located in the three Beacon Villages. However, it is clear that we don’t just need more homes but a wider variety of homes.

Quality Homes

We recognise that households are changing. Almost a third of homes in Eden are single person households, for example, and our rapidly ageing population means that by 2037, 35% of people in Eden will be aged 65 and over.

We therefore need a variety of new homes whilst for older residents, this is likely to mean bungalows and other accessible homes as well as supported and extra care housing.

To ensure the right homes are created within the Beacon Villages, we will seek to:

• Support alternative housing models such as self and custom-build and community-led housing

• Encourage developments by small and medium sized house builders in order to increase diversity

• Ensure that these new homes provide variety and choice at different levels of affordability, both for rental and sale

• Make sure the Beacon Villages homes have the best features found in other parts of Eden such as being faced with sandstone

• Plan for new homes in the Beacon Villages to incorporate environmental technologies that minimise energy and water usage

• Provide green spaces and blend each development into the countryside with fewer homes at the edges of the villages

• Explore ways to create modular homes that could be designed, manufactured and constructed locally

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